Raymond M. Brown Talks With Former SCSL Prosecutor David Crane

Earlier this year, IJP Co-Founder, Raymond M. Brown, sat down to speak with former Prosecutor of the Special Court of Sierra Leone (SCSL), David Crane, at the ICC Review Conference in Kampala, Uganda. Raymond Brown and Wanda Akin Brown were co-counsel in the case involving Morris Kallon, a former Sierra Leonean rebel military commander in the Revolutionary United Front who was convicted by the SCSL on 16 of the 18 charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes in February 2009.

Tribute to A. Whitney Ellsworth, Friend of the IJP

By IJP Co-Founder, Raymond M. Brown

Whitney Ellsworth was a friend and I shall miss him.

When I joined the Board of Human Rights First (HRF) in the 90’s, he was quick to embrace me and “school” me on the challenges facing human rights organizations. Over the years when HRF tackled seemingly intractable problems, his was the oft heeded gravely voice of wisdom and historical memory  urging us  to face squarely and creatively issues we would like to avoid. In the last several years, he guided Wanda and me as we founded IJP, emailing us “flights” of material and meeting us at the Century Club in NYC to offer pearls on governance, finance and strategy. Continue reading