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World Refugee Day – June 20, 2012

Photo Credit: Albert Gonzalez Farran/UNAMID

By Niki Bhargava, Social Media & Communications, IJP

Today, June 20, 2012, is recognized as World Refugee Day. This day was established by the United Nations to honor and recognize the men, women, and children who were forced to leave their homes to escape persecution that is a direct result of conflict and violence that occurs in their home countries.

It takes an enormous amount of courage and strength to begin to rebuild a life, and millions of people are forced to do so each year.

There are over 43.7 million refugees around the world, including IDPs (Internally Displaced People), of which the UNHCR provides assistance to 33.9 million.

The International Justice Project recognizes World Refugee Day as a day to recognize and celebrate the men, women, and children who have the strength to start their lives over.

In the spirit of acknowledging these individuals, the IJP is pleased to introduce “Stories of Strength”, a series that will highlight individual stories in order to spread awareness of not only the hardships these people have endured, but also the continuing struggle they go through every day.

In order to learn more about World Refugee Day, click here.