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Help us fight against hate

Dear Friends and Supporters,

President Trump’s devastating executive order effectively banning Muslims from entering the U.S. is not only deeply divisive, but discriminatory and dangerous. While our leaders push an unconstitutional agenda, innocent lives hang in the balance.

Many of IJP’s Sudanese clients and their communities are deeply affected by the President’s orders, with Sudan listed as one of seven Muslim-majority nations on the travel ban. They are scared for their future. Many are stranded abroad, separated from their homes and families. Others fear they could be sent back to Sudan where their lives are at risk.

This blanket discrimination must end! We must unite to overcome fear and show strength and solidarity as a country welcoming of all peoples, especially those in danger, regardless of religion or race.

Here’s where you can help us make a difference! We need your support to ensure that our clients and their families are protected. In this effort, we are training and mobilizing our staff to communities affected by the ban, where we will collect and disseminate information relevant to the new laws and provide protection to those in need. Please consider donating to IJP to fight for what’s right. Together, we can make a difference.

CLICK HERE to donate to IJP or send a check to our address at One Gateway Center, Suite 2600, Newark, NJ 07102