IJP Joins African Civil Society Experts in Urging African Union to Support ICC


Group also calls on Court to be receptive to constructive criticism

On October 12th, the African Union convened an Extraordinary Summit in which the hope of some member states was that African states would begin to withdraw from the International Criminal Court. The forces that opposed this action included multiple civil society elements. One of those groups, experts convened by the Pan-African Lawyers Union and IJP’s strategic partner International Refugee Rights Initiative, urged the AU to demonstrate more support for the ICC and to oppose withdrawal from the Court despite protests from the Kenyan government. However the experts also noted that “there are significant challenges in the operation of the court and its constituent parts. Therefore we urge the ICC to acknowledge its own shortcomings and be receptive to constructive criticism.”

That same group called on the Assembly of States Parties to ensure that “the ICC is adequately resourced in order that it undertakes its functions effectively, particularly with respect to conducting investigations, securing counsel for defence and victims, and outreach programmes to affected communities.”

The IJP was represented at the Arusha, Tanzania consultation that resulted in the Expert Communique by Associate Program Officer Djoye Mende.

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