• Gregory Turner

Assembly of States Parties News Update

We are glad to see that the Assembly of States Parties is well underway. This year is crucial in determining the future of the Court. This is a period of massive change, as we prepare to elect new judges, and review applications for Prosecutor. This Assembly takes place concurrently with many calls for reforms, from the election process of judges to the financial aspects of the court.

We join those who are advocating for open recruitment calls for judges, an increased presence of civil society in the selection process, and specific merit-based criteria for the selection of all officers of the court.These reforms are proposed in the interest of ensuring that all who sit on the ICC's bench are the best in their fields, the pursuit of a more just body.

Further, we reiterate the position that states must continue to contribute to the funding of the ICC. Without the support of member states, the Court itself, along with the Trust Fund for Victims, would cease to exist.

We extend our sincere thanks to all NGO's participating in the Assembly, especially those who are members of the CICC, as we are. Together, we can ensure that the ICC is a pinnacle of an international institution.


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