• Gregory Turner

The Conviction of Bosco Ntaganda

After a fair and open trial, the ICC has convicted Bosco Ntaganda on 18 counts of various crimes, including the first conviction before the court for sexual slavery. Mr. Ntaganda has been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment for his crimes. This is a global victory in the fight against crimes against humanity- a demonstration that justice will be served, that the accused will receive their day in court, and that victims may safely present their testimony, be heard, and have an effect on the trial.

Now begins the process of healing for the victims, where possible. We at the IJP extend our sincerest gratitude to those helping victims achieve a sense of normalcy and peace. The trauma inflicted in these crimes is deep, but not insurmountable, and by working as a global community, we can extend our hands to those suffering around the world.


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