The IJP’s founders, Raymond M. Brown, Esq. and Wanda M. Akin, Esq., currently represent the first Darfurian victims recognized by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to participate in the proceedings related to the Darfur Situation. They also represent four Darfurian victims participating in the case against Sudanese President al-Bashir.

The IJP engages in the following functions:

  • Providing legal, logistical, and other support to individuals seeking to submit applications for participation in proceedings at the ICC;
  • Conducting outreach and educating survivors, human rights advocates, activists, NGOs, and other individuals and organizations about the ICC, international criminal law, human rights, and the situation in Darfur; and
  • Connecting survivors and their children with specialized medical care for the emotional, physical, and sexual trauma they have suffered (see HARP).

Seeking justice for victims of mass atrocities

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