Larger Framework

IJP on a mission in Philadelphia.

The Emergency Response Network will deal with the presented issues on a case-by-case basis. It seeks to galvanize local, national, and international support for immediately alleviating the needs of the Darfuri an Diaspora by way of example. However, the Network is also a part of a larger IJP project, entitled–The Darfur Community Health and Reparations Project (HARP)–which aims to deal with the issue of community-wide malaise in the Darfurian Diaspora in the long term.

Through HARP, we are assessing and documenting specific pressing medical and mental health and welfare needs in the Darfurian community. Additionally, the project will produce data on the specific types of harm from which the Darfurian refugee community is suffering to inform the discussions on reparations both in the context of the ICC and as part of potential larger diplomatic solutions. This effort will include fostering a planning process to incorporate reparations into the support for Darfurian communities. Finally, we hope that this project will help the Darfurian community to embrace restorative and transitional justice mechanisms and reawaken their sense of community and purpose.

Seeking justice for victims of mass atrocities

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